Sarah Beardsworth

BASI Pilates Instructor

Sarah Beardsworth1

A British native, Sarah has always been passionate about movement and comes from a strong and diverse background in dance. She attended the prestigious Northern Ballet School, whereupon she graduated and traveled extensively--spending 15 years performing internationally with various resident, touring Musical Theatre shows and Dance Companies worldwide. Once retired from performing Sarah continued to be a part of the dance world as a Dance Captain, company manager and Artistic Director of various shows.

Pilates has always been very prominent in Sarah's life, especially when her dance career was cut short due to a reoccurring hip injury. Pilates helped Sarah rehabilitate and regain strength after her hip operations, and taught her to have a deeper understanding of the body and patience with injury and recovery.

Sarah received her formal Pilates education and training from Body Arts and Science International. Upon graduating, she was invited to teach at the BASI headquarters alongside the creator of the method--internationally renowned teacher, Rael Isacowitz. Sarah often appears as a print model, in both advanced education workbooks and the BASI website. She continuously takes workshops and courses to increase her knowledge and education. Recent completed courses include barre training, the prestigious BASI Mentor, Master Program with Rael, Pilates for Dancers, Pilates for the Mature Client, a Pilates hip and knee biomechanics course, Pilates for hyper-mobility, Shoulder rehab course, Pilates injuries and pathology course and a pre and post natal certification.

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Class description: Balletlates

A new class fusing Ballet Dance technique and Pilates.. building on the dancers high level of physical proficiency, keen attention to alignment, and focus on technique this class uses Pilates kinesiological principles to enhance ballet technique and reduce injuries.

This specialized Pilates for dancers class will include dance specific principles and repertoire to help improve key areas such as core stability and range, extensions arabesque and turn out. The program will also include exercises to improve knee hyper extension, ankle-foot strength and proprioception, and upper extremity strength and mechanics.

It can be a wonderful exercise and strengthening option for dancers as it builds long lean muscles, is low impact on joints and is a perfect way for dancers to protect themselves from incurring injury due to muscle weakness.

Pilates focuses on fluid, controlled motion many of the movements are mirrored in class, this exercise method will create and equilibrium of muscle awareness and control that is extremely vital to any dancer looking to improve his or hers technique or range of motion.

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