Fancy Feet Performance Group 2021-2022

Fancy Feet Performance Group

The Performance Group was established in 1992 to provide extra performance opportunities for spirited and passionate Fancy Feet Dancers. Being a part of this group requires many extra rehearsal hours in order to prepare for and execute well-rehearsed routines at various venues. Class commitment will involve the performance group class plus technique classes. Since ability levels vary, it is necessary for students to enroll in proper technical classes to ensure a solid foundation. Teachers have circled approved classes for individual students. Some performances will be divided by age and some will involve the entire Performance Group. While there are many children wishing to participate in this program, only those who are serious about the performance commitment and have supportive parents will be able to participate. As the Director, if I feel that if either a student or the parent is not fully committed to this opportunity, you will be dismissed from the Performance Group.